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About Brda

Country Slovenia
Mayor Franc Mužič
Area 72 km2
Population 5,625
Website www.obcina-brda.si

The Municipality of Brda is a diverse landscape of rolling hills in the far west corner of Slovenia, stretching across an area of 72 km2, from the emerald green Soča River in the south-west, to the Idrija River in the north-west, trapped between the Sabotin hill (609 m) on the east and the Korada hill (812 m) on the north. It is a land with amazing views that extend all the way to the sea and to the Triglav Mountain. It is a border municipality which keeps close ties with the Slovenian citizens living near the border through good political, economic and cultural cooperation with the neighbouring Italian municipalities. Brda is certainly one of the most picturesque landscapes in Europe, with numerous vineyards and orchards dotting the hills, whose tops are adorned with white churches and castles. It consists of 45 villages and 15 village/local communities, with slightly less than 6,000 inhabitants. Its good position and excellent climatic conditions have always provided ideal conditions for the cultivation of vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees. Due to its abundance of colours and flavours, its great wines (one that has a special place is a “yellow” wine named Rebula), its imaginative and creative cuisine with a hint of the Mediterranean, and its rich cultural and architectural heritage, Brda is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign visitors. Visitors can have a taste of life in Brda throughout all seasons of the year. The doors of our wine cellars, pantries, cultural buildings and housing facilities are open during all major traditional holidays (i.e. the Rebula Wine and Olive Oil festival in May, the cherry holiday in June and Martinovanje (St. Martin’s day celebrations – when cider turns into wine) in November); and the numerous events held throughout the year reflect the vibrant and open-minded nature of the people of Brda.

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