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Municipality of Ajdovščina

The area of Ajdovščina municipality is located in western Slovenia on the border with Italy (80 km from Ljubljana and 150 km from Venice). It is the economic, educational and cultural center of the Vipava valley.

Hospitality facility incl. accommodation in Vipavski Križ

December 11, 2017

Location: 4.5 km WEST OF AJDOVŠČINA; 6-MINUTE DRIVE Size: 126 m2 (VIPAVSKI KRIŽ) Accessibility: REGIONAL ROAD Utilities infrastructure: YES About Hospitality facility incl. accommodation in Vipavski Križ The medieval town of Vipavski Križ is among the finest monuments of cultural history in the country. The vestiges of the castle, the medieval wall, two churches, a monastery, […]

Residential buildings

Residential buildings in the Ribnik SB II neighbourhood The new neighbourhood called Ribnik SB II is located next to the roundabout as one is entering Ajdovščina from the east. It certainly enriches this particular area of Ajdovščina that is slowly taking on the features of a town quarter. Set in its immediate proximity are a shopping centre, […]

Hotel in Predmeja

Location: 15 km NORTH OF AJDOVŠČINA; 25-MINUTE DRIVE Size: 1,890 m2 (DOL – OTLICA) Accessibility: REGIONAL ROAD Utilities infrastructure: YES About the hotel in Predmeja Nestled amidst a pristine rural surrounding with a rich natural heritage and captivating features, Predmeja is a settlement on the Gora Plateau that overlooks the Vipava Valley. The venue offers endless possibilities for […]

industrial zone ajdovscina featured iamge

Industrial Zones

October 20, 2017

INDUSTRIAL ZONE “GOJAČE” Location: 10 km west of Ajdovščina Size: 173,000 m2 Greenfield zone Utilities infrastructure: water, sewage, power, wastewater treatment plant Distance to the motorway/trunk road access (Ljubljana, Koper, Italy): 0.5 km INDUSTRIAL ZONE “SELO” Location: 12 km west of Ajdovščina (via the trunk road) Size: 12,000 m2 Greenfield zone Utilities infrastructure: water, sewage, […]

About Ajdovščina

Country Slovenia
Mayor Tadej Beočanin
Area 245 km2
Population 19,093
Website www.ajdovscina.si

Ajdovščina – the right choice for new investments

Situated in western Slovenia on the border with Italy (80 km from Ljubljana and 150 km from Venice), the Municipality of Ajdovščina is the economic, educational and cultural centre of the Vipava Valley.

A special feature of the Vipava valley is the bora – the northeast wind, which scatters the clouds and clean air. As a result, the valley enjoys 2100 hours of sunshine a year, with temperatures ranging above the temperature threshold of 5 degrees Celsius for 289 days, which means that the vegetation period lasts two months longer than in the interior.

The favorable natural conditions are perfect for the production of vines (which then produce premium wines), homemade Vipava cherries, apricots and peaches that are earlier mature than in Slovenia.

Consequently, a strong and constantly growing food processing industry has developed in this region. Today it is represented by successful companies such as Mlinotest, Fructal, Incom, Tosla, Pivovarna Pelicon, etc.

The competitive advantage of the Ajdovščina municipality is a trusted tradition in various industries such as food processing, metalworking, wood, textile and construction industries. Affordable location offering close proximity to the border and major European markets. Export-oriented economy. Developed supportive environment favorable to entrepreneurship, the creation of new businesses and thus the creation of jobs. Natural and cultural assets that represent the potential for tourism development. Last but not least knowledge of the markets of the Western Balkans and well-developed brokerage / trade activity.

Situated along what is historically the shortest route from the west of Europe toward the east, i.e. from the Po Plain to the Pannonian Plain, Ajdovščina has a highly advantageous position right next to the motorway. The town boasts a railway link, so that the port of Koper and Trieste are only about 60 km away. Ajdovščina is half an hour’s drive from the international airport in Trieste, and about an hour’s drive from the airport in Venice, Treviso or Ljubljana. In addition, Ajdovščina operates its own airport for small planes.

In its pursuit to identify and create new business opportunities, the Municipality of Ajdovščina is eager to create a nurturing and supporting environment for new companies in order to develop entrepreneurship and craft, and create new jobs. Hence, investors will be provided with considerable benefits in the Municipality of Ajdovščina. The municipality has set out to build new small business zones right next to the motorway and railway line, with public utility infrastructure in place. It has also implemented several measures to aid with the development of new economic activities. On account of the large number of economy-supporting measures, the municipality ranks among the top investor-friendly environments.

Measures to promote development of the economy in the Municipality of Ajdovščina

1. Promoting new direct investment – subsidizing land purchases
This measure provides a subsidy in the amount of up to 100 % for purchases of land intended for commercial construction projects. The purpose of the measure is to expedite the arrival of new investors and/or commercial activities to the Municipality of Ajdovščina, and create a number of job openings.

2. Promoting direct investment in the construction of commercial facilities
The purpose of this measure is to promote the construction of commercial and production facilities in commercial zones (either existing or new zones) and promote the expansion of commercial and production facilities in order to create new jobs. A grant shall be awarded in the form of an operating grant to cover up to 100 % of the assessed public utilities charge.

3. Interest-rate subsidy for investments in production and service capacities
The purpose of this measure is to encourage investments in new constructions or the renovation of production and service capacities, and the equipment to perform the business activity and purchase incorporeal rights (patents, licences, and technological know-how). The aid is provided in the form of an interest-rate subsidy for the loans taken out.

4. Promoting the creation of new sustainable jobs
This subsidy measure is designed to cover up to 75 % of the employer’s costs arising from social security contributions for new employees in the first two years of their employment, provided they are concluded for a minimum of three years.

5. Promoting innovation projects
The purpose of this measure is to encourage companies and individuals to conceive innovation-oriented projects, create prototypes and design technical improvements. Development funds are granted in the form of an operating grant designed to co-finance the costs of acquiring a patent or the costs of protecting a product, the costs of creating an initial prototype, the costs of documented innovation-oriented technical solutions, ideas or research assignments.

6. Stimulating companies to acquire non-reimbursable aid
The purpose of this measure is to stimulate companies to submit their applications for national and international public tenders. The development funds are awarded for co-financing the expenses of consultation services incurred to entrepreneurs in the process of devising tender documents submitted for national and international tenders in order to receive grants that would help them expand their production or upgrade their technology.

7. Promoting commercial activities for which there is no economic interest
The purpose of this measure is to encourage specific commercial activities that are of public interest but for which there is no economic interest. This subsidy measure covers up to 100 % of the market rent for the commercial premises owned or managed by the Municipality of Ajdovščina.

8. Promoting attendance at fairs and exhibitions
The purpose of the measure is to encourage cooperation between companies with regard to attendance at fairs and exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad in order to promote their products and services to potential buyers. The municipality would co-finance up to 50 % of the lease of an exhibition area.

The Municipality of Ajdovščina will provide a liaison officer to the investors, who will assist them in the process of land acquisition and obtaining of building permits and other licences. In this way the municipality seeks to facilitate contacts between the local population and institutions on one hand, and investors on the other.

The primary contact for all investors is the mayor of the Municipality of Ajdovščina,
Mr Tadej Beočanin:
tadej.beocanin@ajdovscina.si; +386 40 475 688


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