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About Kanal ob Soči

Country Slovenia
Mayor Andrej Maffi
Area 146.7 km2
Population 5,342
Website www.obcina-kanal.si

We are proud of our entrepreneurs and proprietors who dare to earn a living in these turbulent times by using their expertise and working hard. They have enough courage and determination to persist on the route set out, despite difficulties. They are a mirror of our municipality since they deal with citizens from our municipality as well as with visitors from elsewhere. The Municipality of Kanal ob Soči is trying to create conditions that are beneficial for the economy. Some of our primary concerns are the infrastructure and educational programs, which we organize for entrepreneurs, free of charge. At the Tourist Information Centre, there is also a mobile office (Regional Development Agency) available for existing and potential entrepreneurs, which also offers free information.

We devote special attention to young people that are studying for occupations in shortage by granting scholarships and thus making it possible for them to become (self)employed as soon as possible, once they have completed their studies. We feel it is the municipality’s duty to work together with the schools, parents, chambers of trade and commerce and financial institutions in dealing with entrepreneurship. We want to do as much as we can to influence the country to stimulate employers, especially in the field of taxation, and enable them to expand their activities and employ more people.

It is important for us to work unitedly in support of everyone embarking on the entrepreneurial path in the present or in the future.

Andre j Maffi,
Mayor of the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči

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