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About Miren-Kostanjevica

Country Slovenia
Mayor Mauricij Humar
Area 62.8 km2
Population 4,838
Website www.miren-kostanjevica.si

The municipal territory is very diverse. The part called “Vrt Goriške (Garden of Gorizia)” extends all the way to the Vipava valley. It is full of fertile fields, vegetable gardens and fruit tree orchards, through which the Vipava River flows. The other part of the region extends all the way to the Karst region, which is known for its wide variety of typically coloured karst flora and also for its karst sinkholes and deep chasms, which are a real challenge for many cavers. The Karst region is also known for its Karst ham and Teran (a rich red wine).

The suburban town of Miren is known for its nearly 100-year-old shoemaking tradition, the small suburban town of Bilje is known for its brickmaking tradition and the Karst area is known for its stonemasonry. The shoemaking tradition has been preserved till the present day by one of the most successful companies in the field of children’s footwear and the Karst region has also managed to preserve its stonecutting tradition.

In the industrial zone in Miren, there is a world renowned company engaged in the field of lighting and several smaller companies as well. And there is still plenty of space for new businesses in the municipality, especially in the new areas intended for industry, right next to the newly constructed Vrtojba bypass road leading into the municipality.

Tourism is a huge and still relatively untapped potential in the municipality. There are a number of attractions in the area, starting with the numerous archaeological sites of prehistoric forts and Roman graves in Miren and Bilje.

In the valley of the municipality, there is the Vipava River with sport fishing, the Miren Castle with its pilgrimage church of Our Lady of Sorrows, which dates back to the 13th century, and the legacy of brickmaking, handed down from the days of brickmaking in the Goriška (Gorizia) region.

In the karst area of the municipality, there is the Trstelj hill which reigns as the highest hill with the highest view point in the municipality, with marked mountain trails and the “Trstelj” mountain lodge. On the Cerje hill, which has an exceptional view of the Vipava valley, facing the sea and the Gulf of Trieste, there is a mighty monument of the defenders of Slovenian land, where there will be a museum collection on display. There are also many karst caves; three of the caves are intended for visitors and have lighting. The attractions are connected by a network of cycle paths, horse riding paths and the historical Paths of Peace in the Karst region.

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