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About Nova Gorica

Country Slovenia
Mayor Matej Arčon
Area 280 km2
Population 31,825
Website www.nova-gorica.si


The Municipality of Nova Gorica is governed by a mayor, elected every 4 years by popular vote and a municipal council of 32 members. The local communities in the Goriška region are aware of the importance of economic development, which is why they always give their support to the companies and are trying to help create favourable conditions for their development. The Municipality of Nova Gorica is also cultivating good business relationships  and mutually beneficiary cooperations with a number of foreign branch officies in Slovenia, which is contributing to futher development and opening the door to economic cooperation.



Nova Gorica is a town of roses. It is an attractive town for entertaiment as in all seasons various venues, indoors or outdoors, offer a rich selection of events. Concerts, festivals, theatre, performances, fairs, exhibitions and other cultural, culinary and ethnological events enrich the lives of locals and guests. Nova Gorica is a gaming town, where two entertainment centres and several casinos offer entertainment with the most modern gaming equipment. A pleasant atmosphere is complemented by excellent cuisine, accommodation and wellness services. Nova Gorica is the right place to experience sights and attractions of the town and its surroundings in a genuine way.



Nova Gorica is one of the 13 municipalities in the Goriška Region, which ranks among the top four of the most developed Slovenian regions in terms of economic indicators. Its favourable border and transport location, good economic infrastructure as well as supportive and innovative economic environment have contributed to the fast and extensive development of economy in the municipality. The number of companies in the municipality proves that Nova Gorica is the economic centre of the region. In the municipality, there are 40 % of all the companies in the region and 2 % of the companies on the national level. Economy in the Municipality of Nova Gorica is very diverse as it covers almost all the economic activities. The majority of companies are engaged in trade, real estate services, rental and business services, processing activities as well as construction. Accordingly, the number of employees is the largest within the mentioned activities.

Economy in the Municipality of Nova Gorica generates 2 % of the national export revenue, which represents more than 1/3 of export revenues on the regional level.

The key advantages in the Municipality of Nova Gorica are represented by technology and innovation companies, situated in the Primorska Technology Park, the development of the use of renewable energy sources and a wide variety of possibilities for the development of tourism.

With the establishment of the European Grouping for the Territorial Cooperation, the Municipality of Nova Gorica, the neighbouring municipality of Šempeter pri Gorici and the Italian Gorizia have made a significant step forward in the development of the modern cross-border area. Future enhancement of  existing strategic partnerships and the development of new ones in the cross-border and wider European area, with the special emphasis on the promotion of the export-oriented economy, are one of the key tasks of the municipality in the future.

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